Willie Burton In The News

Community hoping Project Green Light expands to residential buildings

News 7, WXYZ Detroit

Detroit Police Commissioner Willie Burton/Police Commissioner explained, “The same level of safety and protection that we offer the business community, it’s time that we shift gears and start offering that to our senior complexes and senior housing.”

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Senior complex residents lobby for Green Light cameras

George Hunter, The Detroit News

Detroit Police Commissioner Willie Burton said Wednesday he would like to see the city match funds to help get Green Light cameras into senior facilities.

“Enough is enough,” he said. “We have commitments from the private sector to help get this done, but we’re looking for more from the public sector. There’s no question that Green Light prevents crime. The seniors at Parkview deserve this, as do seniors throughout the city.”

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Detroit police overtime hours, costs soar

George Hunter , The Detroit News

Police Commissioner Willie Burton also expressed concern too much overtime might pose a danger. “Working all that overtime is a temporary solution to the reduced manpower, and it’s working for now, but long-term, the officers won’t be able to keep it up because they’ll get burned out.”

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Detroit police officers to get Tasers

Dave Spencer, Fox 2 News

Detroit has attempted to get Tasers for officers in the past however; the climate has changed according to Commissioner Willie Burton who said the recent statistics likely contributed to the unanimous decision to approve them.

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Detroit moves toward Tasers for police officers

George Hunter, The Detroit News

Police Commissioner Willie Burton said Tasers likely will prevent injuries to police officers, particularly women.

“Some of these officers, both male and female, are 150 pounds, and you might have a guy who outweighs them by 100 pounds wanting to fight. I think we’ll see officer injuries start spiraling down after they get put into use,” he said.

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Detroit police board defends use of consent decrees

Candice Williams, The Detroit News

Commissioner Willie Burton gave Craig credit for his leadership in leading the department out of the consent decree.

“Thirteen years of the consent decree was ended because the right police chief was hired and held accountable for doing his job,” he said.

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About Willie Burton

Willie Burton is the Police Commissioner for Detroit's Fifth District. He answers to the people in his district. He is an experienced, committed, and compassionate leader who is dedicated to serving his community.
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