Commissioner Burton Joins With Victims Families To Take On Crime

Early today (Sunday April 8th)  Tawanna Rankin, whose daughter died from gunshot wounds, joined with other victims and their families for a Victim Awareness Walk in Clark Park.

An article about the walk by is posted here:

Detroit shootings strike 3 kids as victims’ walk takes on crime

The article also announces a Town Hall hosted by Commissioner Burton:

Community Town Hall meeting on April 21st at the Elmwood Park Church of Christ at 2001 Antietam. 

Commissioner Burton is quoted extensively in the article:

Detroit’s gun violence, Craig and Burton said Sunday, often features mental health issues.. Burton said easy access to guns is a problem.

Two years ago, after 5-year-old Mariah Davis fatally shot herself with a gun found in her grandmother’s bedroom, Burton urged Detroiters to get gun free locks  from  police precincts.

“No child should have access to a gun,” Burton said Sunday. “No child should be struck by a bullet from a gun.”

The April 21 town hall will encourage residents to talk about  solutions to gun violence in the city’s neighborhoods.

 The solutions, Burton said, can’t  come only from law enforcement.

“How can the police police stupidity?” he said.

About Willie Burton

Willie Burton is the Police Commissioner for Detroit's Fifth District. He answers to the people in his district. He is an experienced, committed, and compassionate leader who is dedicated to serving his community.
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