Helpful Contacts

To report broken street lights in your neighborhood please call 313-267-8140

Life Lock official site protect your identity in minutes
Call (866) 945-3926
Please share this information with your community!

Detroit Police Victim’s Assistance Program
(313) 833-1660
Helping Families 24 hours, 7 days a week.

1 . Police/Fire/EMS 911
2. American Red Cross
(800) 774-6066
3. Arson Tip Line
(800) 46 – ARSON
4 . Department of Homeland Security
(866) 347-2423
5. FBI
(313) 965-2323
6. Poison Control Center
(800) 221-1222
.7. Public Health Emergencies
(313) 876-4100
8. Reporting Suspicious Terrorism Activities
(313) 267-4600
9. The Salvation Army
(248) 445-9770
10. United Way/211
(800) 552-1183

Help Eliminate Auto Thefts
Please share with your community!

Michigan Crime Victims Compensation Program
Michigan gov/crime victims
They help families move past barriers.


3 Responses to Helpful Contacts

  1. Juanita Rebecca Ford says:

    Goodafternoon Mr. Willie Burton,

    My name is Juanita Ford. I am 18 years old; a 2018 highschool graduate, currently applying to community colleges in Detroit, Mi. Law enforcement has been my career path since the age of 8. My career goal is to one day be an FBI Behavioral Analysis, but I would like to receive all possible experience with Detroit’s Law Enforcement. I want to be able to dig deep, learn more, and give back to the community I grew up in. If there are any possible internships, assistant jobs, or programs with you guys or DPSH that I could possibly apply for for the Summer of 2019, please get back with me as soon as possible. Thank you for your time!

    Regards, Juanita Ford.

  2. AJ says:

    Called the police while assaulted at a hospital and the police arrested and held (person) for 3 days. 2 competing police reports filed but 1 was ignored. Released. No charges filed.

    Suddenly, 3 years later, bench warrant issued for incident from 3 years ago…as a FELONY! No one seems to know HOW (person) gets arrested but NOTHING happens with the other case. How does a $1 item get charged as a FELONY? Why was one police report sent to prosecutors but the other ignored? Why is there a case if there is video that (person) did not commit ANY crime?

    How does a citizen get justice? (person) wants to complain, file suit against DPD and Wayne County.

  3. Thomas Joyce says:

    From Hawaii, I say, You Are a Good Man, Willie E Burton. You are also right to question this power grab that violates the rights and safety of your constituency. Consider getting back on Twitter, I just followed you. You have like 1190 followers. Make a YouTube video, explain to the world that…
    “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin
    You will have 100,000 followers overnight. Your video will go viral if you explain the illegal closed meetings, the unauthorized use for two years of facial recognitions software, play part of the clip, the world will see you as a gentleman and a protector of The Constitution and the rights of your people. They will respond to your goodness that leaps off of the screen. Could you make such a video Willie? I want you to have national support. Of course, there will be considerations, but dear lord man, they are already throwing you in prison like Martin Luther King, Jr. State you have made the video in response to requests for explanation of your arrest. You can explain the situation without damning your fellows outright. Just calmly explain that these are national issues we are facing, and you might have some insight from your work at the local level. You can do it Willie. It is time for the nation to learn your name. You are Being called up to the Bigs. God Bless.
    Thomas F Joyce
    Chariotreign on YouTube. No channel, but I will comment in your support.
    @TomJ_413 (April (4),13th is T Jefferson’s birthday) on Twitter.

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